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Technological advances enable us to plan cases and print in 3D, so we can manufacture personalised health products via a fully digital workflow. We can obtain models, guides, and plates using biocompatible materials printed with 3D technology that ensure an ideal outcome.

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Peace of mind and safety during the operation

Surgical guides

With the same possibilities and characteristics as 3D anatomical model printing, AVINENT Digital Health also offers the option of printing every type of surgical guide to make a surgeon’s work easier. The possibilities are endless and we can print all types of guides, irrespective of the body area requiring the work. The engineering team recommends printing the complementary model occasionally to help study the case or to help the dental professional use the guide.


Anatomical models

AVINENT Digital Health’s 3D printed models can be considered your greatest ally when approaching operations. Plan, test, and guarantee your procedures with models printed in 3D.

Shortened operation times


Quick deliveries


Reliable sizing


Sterilisable materials


Better patient communication: The models make it easier for patients to understand the surgical processes


Component colouring

In-house production

in-house production


An extensive range of materials are available for the Formlabs 2 printer to cover all case types. AVINENT Digital Health will provide guidance on everything regarding each material’s potential use and applications.

Preform Software

AVINENT will keep you up to date about every software update and will provide guidance during the initial process to avoid any issues.

in-house production

AVINENT’s collaborates with the company, Formlabs, to offer hospitals and medical centres the option of using a Formlabs 2 printer, along with all the technical support required to set out into the complex world of 3D printing.


Augmented reality models

From start to finish. With the materials and technologies to make everything possible. With every medical certificate. In record time. Every detail of your case printed in different textures, materials, colours, and densities for more thorough case planning, and to be able to resolve any situation in the operating theatre.

3D printing allows you to print fully customised complex models, reducing costs and speeding up production.

Avinent Implant System

What to consider when choosing surgical guides

Although CAT images are highly accurate, 3D models give an additional element of safety. Being able to touch and feel the model and the tumour allows you to plan the intervention more carefully and see the structures you will be dealing with

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Case Study | Hiperrealistic 3D printed orbit

The use of 3D printing within the medical sector has become a very valuable ally for hospitals

Avinent Implant System

3D printing reaches hospitals driven by AVINENT


Health standards

AVINENT Digital Health is a new range of personalised medical solutions designed to resolve health issues throughout the human body. Bringing the medicine of the future to the here and now, AVINENT Digital Health aims to provide a unique, personalised solution for every patient. Using state-of-the-art digital tools, the company aims to improve patient quality of life and make dental professional work easier.

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